Being the father of twins and being the one that looks at the checkbook on a daily basis, the added expense of twins took a toll on us financially. But we have taken some steps to help us save money each week:

1) Coupons – We actually subscribed to two weekend only newspapers for our area. The cost of these two papers were $60 for the year for the two papers. In the first month, between the two newspapers, we were able to use enough coupons to pay for the entire year. Our average weekly savings is about $35 a week at the grocery store.
2) Discount sites – We signed up for Living Social, Groupon, and local coupon websites and they too have been helpful. Whether purchasing oil changes, gift cards to consignment shops, etc, every little helps.
3) Loyalty Programs – For somethings we are not brand loyal, but then for somethings ,we are. One thing that we did was to immediately signup for Gerber and Pampers Rewards programs. We get coupons on a regular basis, which help with our weekly purchases of formula and diapers.
4) Friends, Family, Co-Workers – All of the above help us by bringing us coupons on a weekly basis. I’m not a fan of it takes a village philosophy, but with twins, it takes those closest to you to help.

We on average spend $50 a week on formula and another $10 – $20 on solid food for the twins, so every little bit helps.

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I always remember hearing how hard it was to be a dad and raising 1 child, but I could not image raising two. The stress. Life changes. Raising my sons to be good boys and ultimately good men.

The Stress – Obviously the financial side immediately popped into my mind, but could I love two equally? What would they be like? Would they have their own personalities?

Life Changes – Would I still be able to hang out with my friends? Would my wife and I be able to travel as we wanted? Work and a work life balance?

Raising the boys – Would I be able to be a good example, so that the boys would be good contributors to society?

I don’t know of any guy that is truly 100% ready to be a dad. But the one thing that I have learned, is that I can love my boys equally, they are both unique and I love that about them. My job has provided me with the flexibility to have a great work/life balance. My wife and I have traveled now twice with the boys and we survived. I have made it a point to see friends for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings once a week for wings and beer.

Life has changed. But life has changed for the better and I think that I’m doing a pretty good job of not only being a dad, but building the foundation of raising of good young men.

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For me, it was a no brainier on who was going to be the boys Godfather.  But, to be fair, my wife and I sat down and when I asked the simple question, “if something were to happen to me tomorrow, who would be there in a minute, if you called and needed help?” And when she answered the same person that I had in my mind, we just knew. But, in saying that, selecting a Godparent is an important thing and shouldn’t be taken lightly. And for us, we only selected a Godfather and that was only because we couldn’t decide on a Godmother.

The things that my wife and I discussed were:
1) Who would be there for the boys and raise them the way that we would?
2) Who would raise them in a way that they would know right from wrong, be raised in a Christian home and
3) Who would love these two boys as their own

Hope this helps.

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I have started this website as a way to talk about my adventures thus far as a father of twin boys. My goal is to provide some insight into some of the things that I’ve experienced thus far; provide some laughs, b/c life is way too short; provide some products that we’ve used that have worked well for us; and maybe help soon to be fathers of twins.

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I’ll never forget sitting in the Dr’s office and seeing the ultrasound and how quickly we went from a family of 2 to 4 in just a matter of seconds. My mind raced and jumped all over the place and the only thing that I could say was “Holy Crap” and it wasn’t crap that ended up coming out of my mouth. Everyone in the room laughed. But my mind was all over the place.


Could we afford this?
Was I ready to be a dad, let alone, a dad to two kids?
How was our world going to change?


Over the course of the next few days/weeks, I’ll touch on each of these topics, along with many more. I’ll share some of our personal experiences and products that we have used over the last 7 months and I hope that some of our experiences can help others.

So, after my mind raced around and the light came on and the Dr. handed me the printoffs of the two babies from the ultrasound, I just smiled and knew that things would be ok.

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