Miles To Go

I started this blog with the intent of being able to provide words of wisdom one day to my sons. I did this as a way to chronicle their lives and share things that I have seen as their Dad and also things that I went through. And as a Dad, I would be wrong if I didn’t include one of my favorite musicians, Drew Kennedy and a new song that he just released for his sons called Miles to Go.

‘Cause you got miles to go
When it’s easy between the lines and the curves
To turn the beautiful scenery of this life to a blur
So don’t let your ride run out of road
You’ve got miles to go

To my sons, I hope that you take these words to heart and realize how much there is to do and see and take chances. Take chances when you you get a chance, and more importantly, trust your gut feeling. Life isn’t always about staying safe, you have to take a chance every now and then. Sometimes, you will fail. Sometimes, you will succeed. But, this much I can promise you, if you don’t try, you will never truly live.